Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

The methods of commercial floor stripping and waxing we offer bring the best results for any floor surface, and our team has much hands-on experience in this area. A significant proportion projects that Interworld Cleaning undertakes involves commercial floor stripping and waxing for business and other service facilities, so it has become an area we specialize in - constantly learning the most effective new techniques and chemical solutions that give the most amazing results. This superior quality comes at a competitive to slightly higher price, but we have seen the fantastic finish it gives to every surface we renovate.
The floor surfaces of your business premises can be easily scuffed or marked when there’s a high amount of traffic in certain areas of the facility, like shopping aisles, offices and entrances. Interworld Cleaning provides commercial floor cleaning services for almost any surface, and our cleaning teams employ a variety of techniques using adaptable cleaning equipment to return the shine to your floor. Dirt and grit particles can be crushed into floor surfaces everyday, leaving scratches and marring the overall appearance.
We work around times that are convenient for you, and given that businesses tend to operate on an 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday schedule, we usually carry out commercial floor stripping and waxing at nights or weekends. We ensure that areas being cleaned during customer hours will be properly sealed off to prevent hazards.
The commercial floor stripping and waxing services we offer in Maryland, Baltimore and the Washington DC. area restores damaged and well-worn floors, and protects them from any further damaging effects from employees and customers. The professional way we strip and wax floors has long-term benefits:
  1. Floor surfaces last longer after a quality strip and wax, so time between services is extended.
  2. All surfaces are left with a sparkling gleam, giving a clean and smart impression to family members, friends, guests and other visitors.
  3. Special techniques and products make the floor slip-resistant, reducing the hazard for families who may have elderly members or children running around.
  4. Provides a greater protection to the original floor surface. The majority of scratches and nicks will be on the floor finish rather than the actual surface.
You can be assured we do extra mile for our floor cleaning equipment. Interworld Cleaning has a variety of specialized equipment that gets the job done correctly the first time - low-speed floor scrubbers, walk-behind floor scrubbers and industrial propane floor strippers for large open areas like malls. In addition to these, we aim to complete the task in the least time possible to minimize disruption to your business, so we use air movers to dry the floor finish faster between the coat applications and products that are quick-dry.

Unmatched quality and service

The expert methods and techniques, along with the excellent products Interworld Cleaning uses to strip and wax your floor brings a high standard of cleanliness and a professional look.
Many cleaning companies that offer commercial floor stripping and waxing services for business purposes can easily fall short in many vital areas, such as how many coats of finish to apply or how to effectively strip and wax the difficult corners of a room. The combination of trained and experienced staff, and partnerships with major suppliers like Buckeye Cleaning Solutions and Odorite allows Interworld Cleaning to provide quality and service that is unmatched in our section of the cleaning industry for Maryland, Baltimore and Washington DC.

An inexperienced company may use too much or too little floor finishing coats, leaving inadequate results either way. One or two coats is too thin and provides no protection or shine, and anything above five coats makes the floor too slippery, especially if liquid is spilt on it. We generally use 3-4 coats when we strip and wax, and provided the right floor finish and technique is used, this gives a great glossy shine, protects floors from everyday scratches and is still slip resistant for added safety. If you have a heavily scratched floor, we strip the existing finish and reapply a new one to the floor- much more cost-effective than replacing the entire floor. A full strip and wax is recommended by professionals at least two times per year, and a maintenance burnish at least once every month depending on the floor size of the facility.

These suggestions are based on the amount of floor space you have and how much foot traffic there is over the area. Areas like shopping malls and schools may need more frequent attention, so we provide maintenance quotes for any sized area on a daily, weekly, monthly or as needed basis.

Interworld Cleaning customizes its services to each client’s requirements, delivering the best results for a reasonable price.
The quality range of floor strippers and finishes we utilize are the best you can get- really!- giving exceptional ‘wet-look’ outcomes for every floor. Interworld Cleaning is committed to using these top-grade products for our commercial floor cleaning services, and consider the added cost for these products to be a fantastic investment for customers and their businesses.
  •     ŸWe use RipSaw Floor Stripper to break down the original floor stripper which allows scratches, nicks and dirt to be removed, and also cleans corners effectively (which  many other companies fail to deliver). The product works twice as fast as regular strippers, allowing us to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It is not as toxic as other solutions used for stripping, and doesn’t have that pungent chemical smell (butyl) which clings to fabrics around the home and lingers afterwards.

  •     ŸOur mid to high grade floor finish, Clarion Floor Finish, is an excellent choice for most floors. Non-yellowing and slip resistant with a great shine, this finish doesn’t require any further burnishing and can be used on all porous floors. The finish dries very quickly which reduces the time it takes to complete, and is detergent-resistant so it can withstand regular mopping. It resists scuffs and marks so it stays in better condition for longer.

  •     ŸFor that extra gleam, we can apply Reliable High Traffic Floor Finish for a high-end finish to a variety of floor surfaces. Superbly durable for areas of high traffic, the finish is non-yellowing and slip-resistant. We highly recommend this high-grade finish because it is more cost-effective in the long run- it needs less stripping and waxing and will retain it’s shine for a long period of time.