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With the most recent pandemic, Coronavirus has changed almost everything, including the cleaning landscape.

People are focusing on cleanliness and preventive measures more than ever, and because of this, there has been more interest and demand for disinfecting services and solutions.
Customers are seeking efficient means for disinfecting various surfaces. Hence, they are hiring sanitizing companies to clean their facilities to prevent future growth of viruses. These cleaning workers use different technologies, methods, and disinfectants to kill the virus, bacteria, and microbes.QUAT is one of the more popular solutions, using multi-purpose disinfectants will help kill almost every type of microbes that come in contact with that surface. It is the most effective antiseptic, which is why people use it more than any other disinfectant.

QUAT quaternary ammonium compounds

Disinfecting Services: What Is QUAT?

QUAT or Quaternary Ammonium Compounds is a chemical that helps kill and prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. They are less toxic than the traditional active ingredients like phenolics and bleach. You can use this disinfectant in your homes, office buildings, commercial and industrial institutions, etc. Just because it is less toxic does not mean you should take any less precaution before using it. If used in a more concentrated amount, it can cause skin and respiratory problems. This is why it’s vital to hire a disinfecting company that is trained with these chemicals to clean any area to help prevent and avoid health problems.The following are some benefits of using QUAT.

  • It is fungicidal, virucidal, and bactericidal; hence, it can effectively kill almost every type of viruses, such as: HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza, German measles, Swine flu, Human Coronavirus
  • It is even an active ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • This disinfectant is mildew static and can reach the deep and narrow places to kill the microbes.
  • It also helps kill the airborne pathogens.

Disinfecting Services: Steps of Disinfection with the help of QUAT

Disinfecting companies, like Interworld Cleaning, have experience and training to disinfect the hard, washable, and non-porous surfaces. Professional cleaners stand in the front-line to kill the airborne microbes. It has not been an easy task to clean and disinfect every corner and surface to prevent the virus.

In the wake of Covid-19, cleaning companies have since been offering various sanitizing cleaning services using a QUAT disinfectant to kill the virus more in-depth and taking many extra precautions and steps while also trying to keep the pathogens away from themselves while cleaning.

Note that as of now, there is no registered product to kill the Coronavirus. However, CDC and the EPA have said that any product that is effective against non-enveloped viruses is likely to kill the Coronavirus.

·Wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Most companies have their own respective protocols and may wear different types of PPE. Every employee/company should take caution to cover themselves mainly to deter from contracting any viruses or risk any contact with bacteria or microbes. Some companies may wear face masks and jumpsuits while rendering services others may just wear safety goggles and gloves.The primary reason for wearing this particular gear is to keep the pathogens away from your body. Face masks help prevent contact with microbes by covering the mouth during the disinfection process. They may wear protective coveralls while servicing places like hospitals, offices, manufacturing plants, etc.

·Disinfecting the Area

Once they arrive at a facility, the team should take extra precautions to protect themselves before getting started. Safety should always be the #1 priority. The next step is to begin disinfecting the contaminated areas. The professionals shall then apply the QUAT disinfectant to the areas/surfaces to kill Coronavirus, HIV, influenza, other harmful pathogens, etc. According to EPA’s requirement, the QUAT should remain on the surface for at least 10 minutes to effectively kill the bacteria and viruses. Follow the label instructions for the contact time for other EPA-registered disinfectants.Take caution; it is vital that the disinfectant should also reach the hidden places throughout the area. This is because the pathogens can hide in narrow places, where they can easily spread even after the sanitization of the surrounding area.There are two types of equipment used for applying QUAT:

1. Electrostatic Spray Technology

These sprays discharge QUAT from a spray nozzle. It helps in the uniform coating of surfaces with disinfectant, including hard-to-reach areas that can’t be cleaned by traditional methods. Electrostatic sprays are also sometimes recommended because they avoid liquid dripping or pooling all over the place, which can occasionally happen with trigger sprayers.This method also offers you to thoroughly clean and disinfect the facility in less time, becoming a more effective way. This technology is best to use in medium size areas.

2. Misting Equipment

Misting equipment is also an effective way to disperse the sanitizing or disinfecting chemicals. This equipment is more efficient compared to the electrostatic sprayers because it spreads smaller micron droplets (almost 15-20 microns), double the microns that electrostatic sprayers put out. It requires less effort and easily disinfects the large surfaces as well as hard-to-reach corners. This method gives you better coverage than the traditional way of cleaning.More so, misting equipment helps you to reduce bacteria, reduce the spread of flu viruses or mold on surfaces that are challenging to reach. This technology helps professionals to disinfect the frequently used areas/surfaces, such as door handles, stair rails, locker rooms, and water fountains.

Take note that the QUAT application is the first step that helps achieve one-time disinfection of the place.

·Wipe Down the Surface

The professionals must wait a significant amount of time after QUAT has been applied, then they can start to wipe down all areas.

Some companies may use the old method of wiping areas down by using a piece of cloth. Others use machines to dry out the area to provide better coverage and efficiency.

·What is Barrier Technology

After the initial disinfecting services, a company may offer an extension of that service called “barrier technology,” which helps protect from viruses and bacteria sticking to surfaces. This also helps prevent any further spreading after someone has come in contact with these areas.

This Barrier Technology is sprayed on all surfaces AFTER cleaning and disinfection has been completed. It will reduce the risk, preventing the growth of pathogens like bacteria and viruses for as long as 30 to 90 days after application. So, if you want peace of mind and keep your facility safe from these biological enemies, we recommend a barrier technology. This service would greatly benefit places like hospitals, offices, and malls.

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Disinfecting Services: Bottom Line

Disinfecting services are in demand to help kill viruses and bacteria hidden in the corners and surfaces. If you are interested in these services to protect yourself and your loved ones and sleep a little better with peace of mind you are doing your part to stop the spread, Interworld Cleaning has you covered. Let the professionals take care of your disinfecting services, using an EPA approved QUAT application and Barrier Technology.

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