Wash the Walls

If your walls were recently repainted, then there’s a good chance that drywall dust is sticking to them. The fresh paint catches dust easily, and without taking care of it, your paint color may look duller.

Dry dusting works best for new paint, and a damp paper towel will take care of old paint. If the walls are newly painted, run a vacuum or dry duster over the walls and molding. If the walls were not painted, wipe them down with a damp rag or paper towel. This will catch the excess dust.

Take Care of Floors

Now is the time to go over your floors with care. If you have new carpet, vacuum it. If you have tile or linoleum, vacuum and mop to make the floors shine.

If your floors aren’t new, now would be a good time to schedule floor stripping and waxing services. This will ensure that your floors are both clean and durable. Floor stripping and waxing services help get rid of scuff marks and other damages to the floors in your office. If you routinely schedule floor waxing and stripping services, then you’ll see your floors lasting for years longer than usual.

Clean Light Fixtures

Does your office look a little dim? Dust from office renovations can settle on light fixtures as well as fans, dimming them and making the office appear much darker.

Even if you just had new fixtures installed, take them down and wash them. This will get rid of the dirt and make them shine like new once more.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service in Maryland

There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help. A professional office cleaning service in Maryland can put your mind at ease as they take care of all the dust, dirt and grime that has settled throughout the building.

A professional cleaning service in Maryland will bring in a team of cleaners who will go over your office from top to bottom. They’ll take care of the dust in hard-to-reach places, and they’ll make sure your new floors are properly waxed and sealed. Remember, floor stripping and waxing services help them last longer so take care of your floors.

Best of all, a professional cleaning service in Maryland can work on weekends when your office is empty. This will allow them to move furniture without bothering your employees. When they come back on Monday, they’ll have a shiny new office.


Share with us, what part of the cleanup process after office renovations worries you the most?