Wear and tear

When your office carpet was first installed, it probably looked so clean and bright you thought you’d never see it get dirty. Now after even one winter, you’re probably singing a different tune.

On rainy days, the first thing people do when they come into an office is wipe their feet on the carpet. As a result, all that dirt builds up over time, and with the consistent wiping, the fibers on the floor tend to deteriorate faster. To help your office carpets last longer, you should have a regular professional carpet cleaning, but you should also lay down floor mats, if you’re not doing it already. You can’t prevent all dirt from getting onto carpets, but you can dissuade people from wiping their feet on the carpet. Put out floor mats and employees with wipe their feet on the mat and walk normally on the carpet.

The lifespan of a carpet varies - especially in an active office. To get the most out of your carpet and avoid replacing them more often than you can afford, make sure a professional office cleaning in Baltimore is cleaning your carpets.

Avoid slip-and-falls

Torn office carpet can be a huge office hazzard. All it takes is for one employee to trip over a torn piece of carpet and suddenly you have a worker's comp claim on your hands.

Office carpet often tears because it hasn’t been well cared for. If you haven’t had a professional office cleaning in Baltimore lately, all the dirt and grime may pile up and lead to tears and rips. If not repaired quickly, your employees might trip and fall. You want a safe environment for your employees so make sure you’re taking care of your carpets with a professional carpet cleaning.

For the clients

Like most businesses, you have important clients, business partners and prospective employees coming through your doors every day. You want to impress these people and give off a positive first impression. Nothing creates a bad first impression like dirty or dingy carpet.

How clean your office looks says a lot about you. A company that keeps a clean office shows that it cares about its employees’ health and that it is careful about its appearance.

On average, you should have a professional carpet cleaning every six months. If your office has a lot of people coming in and out, you may want to schedule more regular cleanings.


What other questions about professional office cleanings in Baltimore do you have?