Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Interworld Cleaning provides commercial carpet cleaning and janitorial services to companies and establishments across the Maryland, Baltimore and Washington DC area.
All of our employees work diligently to ensure that high company standards for cleanliness are adhered to at all times, on every job. We have undertaken commercial carpet cleaning tasks in shops, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and many other businesses - leaving every carpet fresh and like new. A sanitized, safe and healthy environment is needed for such commercial establishments; we provide this using our extensive range cleaning products, many of which are environmentally - friendly carpet cleaning solutions. The specialist carpet cleaning equipment we use ensures a deep clean by removing dirt from the carpet fibers which causes the discoloration.
Only using top-notch cleaning equipment, like hot water extractors and low-speed rotary machines with white pads and bonnets, our cleaning crew efficiently bring carpets back to life with a variety of different carpet cleaning techniques. Stains and signs of wear can happen quickly or build up by extensive heavy traffic in a certain areas, such as between offices or main corridors. Almost any condition of carpet can be restored and brightened up using natural products wherever possible - these eliminate odours and build of dirt in all sorts of carpet material. We provide services around the clock, so we can easily arrange times for commercial carpet cleaning that fit around you and your establishment.
Interworld Cleaning uses well-know suppliers for it’s janitorial cleaning products and equipment including Xpedx, Buckeye Cleaning Solutions, Betco and more. Our close working relationship with these businesses allows our company to stay current with any new innovations in cleaning techniques or equipment. Partnering with them for many years has enabled us to offer our commercial carpet cleaning services at competitive rates, and give amazing results along with it for our customers.

For commercial properties that require carpet cleaning services over areas with large square footage, our representatives are available to give onsite quotes. Estimates can be given on the spot at these assessments, or you can get a quick quote for any square footage of carpet cleaning over the phone.
We take on any area that requires commercial carpet cleaning:
  •     Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning of any room
  •     Large or small office cleaning
  •     Entrance/reception areas
  •     Meeting rooms
  •     Stairways and Hallways
  •     Heavy traffic areas
You will be amazed by the results and pleased by our friendly and efficient service - your customers and clients will notice, as well as your employees.
Customer satisfaction and fair pricing are our highest priorities. Trusted by major names such as AIMCO and Wal-Mart, you’ll never find us cheating our customers like these carpet cleaning companies: