Spring Cleaning for Schools

Disinfect classrooms

Classrooms are lightning rods for bacteria. In high schools and middle schools, germs move around so quickly because kids are moving from classroom to classroom. Even in elementary schools, germs linger on desk surfaces and on favorite books.

A good school cleaning in Maryland will handle every classroom surface. Professional cleaners will tackle every desk, shelf and activity space where germs like to hang out. Students will return to fresh classrooms and clean spaces.

Clean school kitchens

After so many months of serving school lunches, it’s time to get into your school kitchen and give it a thorough cleaning.

Your professional cleaners will disinfect every surface in the room - from prep spaces to to coolers to the serving spaces. Any cake-on food or dirt will be cleared away, and the stovetops and cashier counters will get some much needed TLC.

Cashier spaces especially attract bacteria because money - one of the dirtiest surfaces in the world - changes hands. During a school cleaning in Maryland, these spaces will be taken apart and scrubbed to ensure any lingering bacteria is taken care of.

Deep clean carpets and treat floors

Rainy and snowy days bring in mud, dirt and all types of debris. While you can mop it away, all the dirt does a number on your floors and carpets in the long run. When everyone leaves for spring break, it’s time to clean the carpets and floors.

Your professional cleaners will go over every inch of your carpets and deep clean them for you. This will help get rid of some of the harder stains and make the carpet look like new. Your professional cleaners will move all your furniture so they can get to every part of the carpet.

When the carpet cleaning is done, the floors should be stripped and waxed. This process will get rid of scuff marks and dirt for good. It’s the best way to take care of your floors, and doing it at least twice a year will help you prolong your floor’s life. That means fewer replacements and less money spent.


Remember your school will almost never be completely empty, even in the summer. Summer school and other activities bring kids back long before the new academic year starts, which means you may not be able to deep clean your school as much as you would like. Get a head start on the job with spring cleaning and let professional cleaners help you out.