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Residential Cleaning Services Pricing

A clean residential premise is the basic necessity rather than a luxury for all of us. Given the busy corporate schedules of the modern age, all of us do not have the time to regularly address the cleaning needs of our house. Owing to the scarcity of time, we hire labors on an ad hoc basis to take care of our residential cleaning needs. This arrangement looks fine but the cleaning staff lacks the equipments and expertise to deliver a professional cleaning service.
We at Interworld Cleaning understand that cleaning is a professional job which is best left to those who have made a living out of it.
Equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and with years of professional cleaning experience, our uniformed staff is available at a phone call to address your cleaning needs.
Our services include complimentary green cleaning (we use environment friendly chemicals at no extra cost) which is our way of protecting the environment. Our services are fully insured, licensed and bonded, which ensures transparency in the way we do our business.
We also help you with other related legal documentation in case you need help with it. Our staff delivers the residential cleaning services under expert supervision to ensure that we don’t compromise on the high quality standards that has become our USP over the years. We have one of the best staff retention ratios in the industry, as our staff is regularly and fairly paid.
As they say, all good things come at a price and our services are one of them. Since we never compromise on our quality standards, we are forced to structure our tariff in a way that makes our business sustainable. We have the following starting price points for the various service packages that we offer:
Initial cleaning:
Move in/out Cleaning - from $499
Initial house cleaning - from $499
Construction cleaning - from $499
Floor stripping and waxing - from $449
Pressure washing - from $399
Maintenance cleaning:
House cleaning 1 x per month - from $195
House cleaning 2 x per month - from $145
House cleaning 1 x per week - from $450 monthly
Presently our services are available in the areas of Maryland, Baltimore and Washington DC.
Our clients who have been offering us repeat business for the past few years would bear testimony to the fact that our services are worth every penny charged for. Lowering the charges would translate into chasing quantity rather than quality and that is a game we were never interested in playing, as it does not build relationships with customers.

We have been politely declining the demands to undertake part cleaning, i.e. cleaning up only the bathroom or one of the bedrooms, as it forces our hand into degrading quality which we would never do. We are sure of the fact that once you give us an opportunity to serve you, you would realize the genuineness of our pricing.