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Recurring school cleaning and what to look out for?

kodrant2021-02-01T12:26:18+00:00Articles, School Cleaning|

There are two times a year that bring me both joy and sadness. The first is when my kids head back to school in the fall and the second is in the beginning of January after the holidays when the kids go back for the second semester. The joy comes from seeing the wonder and excitement in their eyes as they embark on new school year in fall and in the winter - the holiday cheer lingers and has everyone in a [...]

School Cleaning for a Healthy Children Environment

kodrant2021-01-23T18:14:29+00:00Articles, School Cleaning|

Now that it’s summertime, vacations and beach trips are in full swing and as parents we are more worried about sun burns and mosquito bites than sniffles and colds! However, as a parent you know that the inevitable school time sicknesses are looming not far in the future. In fact it’s a constant that one of my two children will have some sort of runny nose or cough once the school year starts and it will likely remain that way throughout the [...]

Spring Cleaning for Schools

kodrant2021-02-01T12:26:17+00:00Articles, School Cleaning|

It’s finally spring break. The kids, teachers and staff members have a full week to themselves, and they’re hanging out with friends, leaving for a fun vacation and taking it easy. With the school empty, now is the perfect time to launch a spring cleaning project. While some school districts want to do all their cleaning in the summer, the truth is that spring cleaning is better for the school cleaning in Maryland. After cold and flu season passes, there is still [...]

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