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Commercial Pressure Washer Cleaning Services

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Office space is exposed to pollutants such as dirt, dust and other micro pollutants throughout the day for the best part of the year. Despite regular cleaning and maintenance, a part of the dust escapes the general cleaning methods and over a period of time, it settles into the areas that are difficult to reach and clean on a daily basis. The office housekeeping staff do not have the expertise to deal with such stubborn stains and if they are not gotten [...]

How To Pressure Wash A Deck

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Pressure Washing A Deck   Assess your project and develop a plan for cleaning that considers what direction the deck drains and the location of fragile objects such as windows and light fixtureswhich can be shattered by the powerful water stream. Plan to work in the direction that water drains so you're not fighting gravity. Select a nozzle, or tip, for the project. Nozzles attach to the end of the pressure-washing wand that is connected by a hose to the pressure washer [...]

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