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Benefits Of Hiring a Professional Dental Office Cleaning Services

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-03-15T06:59:41+00:00March 15, 2023|Categories: Articles, Office Cleaning|

Toothache is one of the most painful things that occur to us. It makes us go to the dentist, a disturbing thing that no one likes. Bacteria and viruses transfer between individuals very quickly; there are various types of these organisms in the mouth, and a dental office is susceptible to transmitting microbes. Carriers of microbes are sometimes asymptomatic, and the transmission occurs between the dental workers and the patients. There are some protective measures to do in these places to [...]

How to create a cleaning schedule that works for your office and employees?

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-03-12T11:33:51+00:00February 28, 2023|Categories: Articles, Office Cleaning|

There is a big misconception about office cleaning, and many think it is the same as home cleaning. But office cleaning is complicated, and you can't do it in one single day. So if you want to make your office a safe and clean environment for everyone who works there and frequents it, you must regularly stick to a cleaning schedule. If you think cleaning your office is tedious, give it to commercial cleaning companies like Interworld that have the required [...]

Why recurring office cleaning is a smart investment?

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-23T08:42:53+00:00January 4, 2019|Categories: Articles, Office Cleaning|

According to the dictionary, an investment is defined as - the action or process of investing money for profit or material result. The term material result is what intrigues me and is how it applies to the cleaning business. When you invest money into commercial cleaning services to come into your office or workspace and provide a routine cleaning you are not going to see a direct profit. However, let’s look further into how you get an ROI (return on investment) and [...]

Office Cleaning Problems And Our Solutions

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-04T08:20:04+00:00July 16, 2018|Categories: Articles, Office Cleaning|

In these times most offices either have a cleaning crew or the landlord provides a nightly cleaning for you as part of your rent. With this in all likelihood you have noticed something that has been overlooked or in some cases missed for several weeks. If you are like me I will leave a wrapper off the beaten path to see and judge how long it takes the cleaners to pick it up - the results have been startling. This can be [...]

Autumn Office Cleaning Tips

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-23T06:11:34+00:00September 26, 2017|Categories: Office Cleaning|

Let’s call a spade a damn shovel. Most people despise even the idea of cleaning. More and more commercial business owners (including office owners) may be employing the help of professional cleaners for just this reason. Right now, the commercial cleaning industry is raking in $78 billion dollars, and in the last ten years alone, commercial cleaning services have grown on average at 6.6% every year*. This tells us two things: we’ve already established that thoroughly cleaning your office is a pain, [...]

Biggest Mistakes Made in Office Cleaning

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-02-07T06:07:31+00:00June 11, 2016|Categories: Articles, Office Cleaning|

It’s not always easy to keep an office clean. In rainy and snowy weather, employees track in water, mud, and dirt. When it is hot and humid, mold can quickly build up in moist places, like the break room kitchen, or bathroom. But office cleaning isn’t always easy either. Windows seem to become streaked and dirty within minutes after cleaning them. Your go-to bleach cleaner may be doing more harm than good. And are you really getting out carpet stains or making [...]

Office Renovation: How to Clean Up Afterwards

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-23T06:21:16+00:00April 26, 2016|Categories: Articles, Office Cleaning|

  Your office renovations are finally finished. It looks brand new and has an improved level of functionality that you know your employees will love. But talk about a mess! You will probably notice a thick layer of dust that seems to have settled. Your new floors may already look dirty construction crews coming in and out, and your new breakroom cabinets and sinks may need a good scrub. Though it may seem intimidating, cleaning up after an office renovation doesn’t have [...]

Why your office carpets need to be professionally cleaned

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-03T08:54:04+00:00March 30, 2016|Categories: Articles, Office Cleaning|

You probably think about what’s on your desk all the time – your papers, photo frames, pens, laptop – but how often do you think about what’s below your feet? Though you may not notice it, your carpet plays a big role in the functionality of your office. If it’s dirty and worn down, it looks bad to employees and visiting clients, who may feel that your company doesn’t care about its upkeep. Tears and upturns in the carpet can lead to [...]

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