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Seven Insanely Efficient Tips from Our Hotel Cleaning Professionals

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When it comes to quick-yet-efficient cleaning, who knows the most on the subject? Professional hotel cleaners of course. Hotel cleaners can thoroughly clean up to 30 rooms in an eight hour shift*. They’ve got tons of practice when it comes to cleaning right and cleaning with speed – and tons of tips that can help you in your home or office. As you may know, IWC works in the field of professional hotel cleaning, and we’ve got seven amazing tips our cleaners [...]

Hotel Cleaning Services

kodrant2021-08-21T14:09:52+00:00Cleaning Services, Hotel Cleaning|

Cleaning is appreciated across all industries and its importance in the hospitality industry cannot be emphasized enough. If you are a hotel owner or a manager, we’re sure you realize how easy it is to lose a customer permanently due to the slightest of ignorance in the cleanliness committed by the untrained, unsupervised housekeeping staff. The competition in the hospitality industry keeps getting fiercer and in the mad rush to meet it by hiring the best possible talent and training them to [...]

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