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Green Cleaning Products Benefits

kodrant2022-02-08T14:09:53+00:00Articles, Green Cleaning|

Environmentally friendly cleaning products are objectively better than their alternative on almost every level. There is a bit of a stigma that surrounds eco-friendly cleaning materials. The stigma seems to suggest that these products focus more on sustainability than they do the actual cleaning. This isn’t so. Not only are green cleaning products good for the environment, they are also safe, effective alternatives to the toxins that most American households are willingly introducing to their homes on a daily basis. In this [...]

3 Simple Tips for Going Green at Work

kodrant2016-04-10T14:21:32+00:00Green Cleaning|

Over the last decade, the term “going green” has become ingrained in our vernacular. What started off as just a trend has now become a way of life – one that people are picking up on.  More and more, they’re noticing that cleanliness and going green go hand in hand. Both exemplify little changes in the workplace that can make a big impact on the environment – both inside the office and out. A cleaner office means less germs, and a green office [...]

What makes a product “green”

kodrant2021-11-04T21:27:52+00:00Green Cleaning|

Head down the cleaning isle at your local supermarket and you’ll probably see hundreds of items that claim to be “green” or “environmentally friendly.” We usually assume that all these products are better for the environment, but not all of them are. Though a cleaning bottle may say “natural,” the product ingredient list may say otherwise. So what does this label really mean? How do you really know whether you’re cleaning with a “green” product or not? Whether you’re doing an industrial cleaning in Maryland or [...]

How to Start Green Building Cleaning

kodrant2015-11-17T13:27:24+00:00Green Cleaning|

So you want to do something for the environment at your office? Think your office cleaning could stand to be greener? More and more offices are looking to lessen their marks on the environment, and together, they’re making quite the impact. Want to start going green at your office? Here is your essential guide to green building cleaning. Start recycling Going green starts when everyone in the office or building is pitching in and doing their part. The easiest way to get [...]

Go Green: Medical Facility Cleaning

kodrant2015-08-06T08:20:42+00:00Green Cleaning|

Hospitals, medical facilities, and other in-patient care should be clean at all times. Not only are there strict state and federal cleaning regulations when it comes to medical facilities, but it is common sense these areas need specific care in terms of sanitation. From the break room and lunch area to utility rooms and office cleaning, everything must be spic and span from the ceiling to the floor.  Medical facility cleaning services often include: Hospital cleaning services Room cleaning services Examination room [...]

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