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Why Interworld is a smart choice to franchise?


After the long and arduous decision making progress on whether to start your own business or join a franchise you finally decided on becoming a franchisee. Congratulations! Now the hard work begins. You have done your research and are ready to move forward, now deciding on what type of business to pursue is the next challenge. Let me explain and share some details on why Interworld Cleaning is a smart choice when joining a franchise? Stability and flexibility are two driving factors [...]

Better to franchise then start your own business?


The dream is to love what you do and then it will never seem like work! Not everyone gets to experience that because it may seem risky to leave your job and start your own business. However, if you make that bold choice you are still faced with a plethora of decisions to make. The most important one is whether to join a franchise or start your own business. While they both have their advantages it is proven that becoming part of [...]

Owning a Cleaning Business


Owning your own business is dream that many people would like fullfill, however, it comes with a sense of hesitation & fear. Leaving your traditional job where you know when you have to arrive, what your tasks are and how much many money you are going to make to start your own cleaning business can certainly create doubts. However, it can lead to not only financial growth but a certain quality of life that may not be obtained otherwise. Let’s examine why [...]

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