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How To Strip and Wax A Floor

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-02-13T05:57:06+00:00August 28, 2012|Categories: Articles, Floor Cleaning|

In order to bring the yellow-looking dirty floor back to its original condition you will need to strip the floor. Simply waxing the floor won't help in this case as it will only add some shine to the floor but will not remove old stains and dirt underneath it. You will need the following items to strip and wax the floor: Rubber Gloves Stripper Toothbrush Floor squeegee Several Scrub Pads Floor Sealant Fan Floor Wax Broom or Vacuum Three buckets Putty knife [...]

Hepa Filtered Vacuum Cleaners Article

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-03T08:30:44+00:00August 28, 2012|Categories: Articles, Floor Cleaning|

HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaners What to look for when making a purchase. This information is brought to you by Absolute Air Cleaners and Allergy Products Inc. First, some quick history about vacuum cleaners! The first vacuum cleaner was invented and Patented in the USA by Robert Taber in 1869. MR. Taber invented this wood and canvas hand pump-controlled vacuum cleaner in his Chicago, Illinois home. He called it The Whirlwind. The first electric motor-operated vacuum cleaner with a cloth dust filter bag [...]

The Best Tips for Sealing and Finishing a Floor

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-23T04:42:05+00:00August 28, 2012|Categories: Articles, Floor Cleaning|

  SEALING/ FINISHING   Always use a clean mop head designed for applying floor finishes and mark the mop handle appropriately so that this mop is not used for any other purpose. Soak the mop head in warm water and wring it out thoroughly. Water shall fill mop fibers, thus saving finish. Put a plastic garbage can liner in your mop bucket to assure that your finish shall not become contaminated from previous chemicals, which may have been used in the mop [...]

How To Spot Clean Carpet and Fabrics

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-31T09:29:34+00:00August 28, 2012|Categories: Articles, Floor Cleaning|

Procedure For Spot Cleaning Carpet And Fabrics Recommended Supplies and Cleaning Equipment: Water Based Spot Remover Solvent Based Spot Remover Aerosol Freezing Agent Powdered Absorbent Deodorant Spatula Rubber Gloves White Paper Blotting Cloths Small Agitation Brush Waste Bags Chart for "Removal of Spots and Stains" Recommended Method: As in all cleaning procedures, the first step is to gather the recommended janitorial equipment and supplies together and bring them to the area to be cleaned. Identify The Spot: Your first step in carpet [...]

How To Maintain A Marble Floor

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-01-03T10:21:55+00:00August 28, 2012|Categories: Articles, Floor Cleaning|

Hard Floor Care – Maintenance of Marble Floors In general, a marble floor requires little maintenance. While neglect will spoil its appearance, it will not normally impair its serviceability. When properly maintained, it is doubtful whether marble floors can be excelled by any other type for brilliance and timeless beauty. Routine maintenance should be carried out with a solution of neutral detergent in water. Floor cleaning equipment should include mopping equipment or a floor polishing/scrubbing machine. If a machine is used, the [...]

How to Clean Grout

By Asrorjon Shukurov|2023-02-13T06:06:45+00:00August 28, 2012|Categories: Articles, Floor Cleaning|

Why do I need grout? Grout keeps ceramic tiles in place; it also keeps liquids, such as bath water that spills over the side of the tub, from penetrating the spaces around those tiles. It does the same for your bathtub, where it abuts the floor and walls, and sink (a.k.a. 'caulk'). There are other applications for grout, but these are the ones you will be most familiar with in your home. The grout around your tiles, and possibly around your tub [...]

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