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Floor Maintenance Tips by Interworld Cleaning

kodrant2022-11-21T08:32:08+00:00Client Resources, Floor Cleaning|

Congrats! You made the decision to strip and wax your floor. That “wet” glossy look will enhance your facility's appearance and give a long-lasting shine to your flooring. In an effort to get the maximum return on your investment we have put together a “rule of thumb” list which will greatly help in keeping that shine lasting for as long as possible. Hopefully, you will find them useful. As usual, your Interworld representative is on standby to assist you with any questions [...]

Benefits of Spray Buffing a floor periodically

kodrant2021-02-01T12:23:05+00:00Floor Cleaning|

As the saying goes - A picture is worth a thousand words - and think about the picture that your office floors paint for incoming clients. Majority of offices will have some type of tile flooring on their heavily trafficked areas as they are easy to clean and renew the glossy “wet look” with the proper equipment. There are several methods utilized to restore your tiles beauty. You can strip all the existing wax down and re-apply the 4 to 5 coats [...]

Floor Rejuvenator

kodrant2021-02-01T12:23:05+00:00Articles, Floor Cleaning|

What's a floor rejuvenator and how does it work? The Flooring is an important aspect of both your home and office life and there a vast array of options to choose from. Many times the type of flooring you choose is based on the magnitude of traffic and/or for aesthetic purposes. Regardless of the reason for your selection you want that flooring to last and look as good as possible. Maintaining that new and fresh look often gets bypassed as life and [...]

Low speed scrubber vs high speed burnisher: what’s the difference? (Video)

kodrant2021-06-30T16:35:22+00:00Articles, Floor Cleaning|

  The Floors are an essential part of everybody's daily life. Think about it - the first thing you do every morning - besides hitting snooze - is to put your feet on the ground to get the day moving and the last thing you do is pick your feet up off that same floor. Personal preferences come into play about what type of flooring your feet encounter but it can’t be denied that is a major part of our lives. That [...]

How to Take Care of Floors After Stripping and Waxing

kodrant2021-01-23T18:18:34+00:00Articles, Floor Cleaning|

There’s nothing more satisfying after a warehouse cleaning than seeing those bright and shiny floors. After a floor stripping and waxing, these floors look so clean you might actually consider eating off them. A good floor stripping and waxing will leave your floors looking shiny and new, but if you want to retain that luster between visits from a professional cleaning service in Maryland, then you need to do a little maintenance yourself. Check out our guide to taking care of floors [...]

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