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7 Benefits of Maintaining a Clean Workspace

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A neat and tidy workplace does not only look good, but it also offers several other benefits for its employees. You can’t imagine what even 10 minutes of cleaning can do and how many hours it can save in the future. No matter what type of business you run, you should always be aware of the benefits of a clean workspace. A hygienic and healthy environment is essential for those who work in the workspace and those who visit the place.  [...]

Commercial Disinfection Services

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Interworld Cleaning provides professional commercial disinfection services to a broad range of businesses and organizations. Tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, Interworld Cleaning specializes in disinfection of all types of porous and non-porous surfaces. In addition, we use Green Seal Certified products whenever possible to help protect your health and that of your staff. We avoid cross-contamination during the deep cleaning. We use color-coded microfiber cloths. Clients use our commercial disinfection services in a variety of places. We go [...]

How Is Coronavirus Affecting the Commercial Cleaning Industry

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  Financial markets have significantly stumbled, manufacturing has dropped down, retail is in trouble, and some states are seeing rise up in unemployment due to the novel Coronavirus. However, one sector is thriving amid COVID-19 that is the commercial cleaning industry. The pandemic has changed people’s view of health and hygiene and is also altering their social behaviors. Now they are more concerned about their health than any other thing on this planet Earth. People need hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, masks, gloves, [...]

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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As a culture we dine out on regular basis for a variety of reasons - it could be for a birthday or an event or perhaps because it’s convenient. When deciding on a destination, since there is an abundant of choices, the determining factors are generally service, quality of food and cleanliness of a restaurant. Personally, I have worked in restaurants off and on for quite some time and can assure you that if the dining area and bathrooms are dirty they [...]

Commercial Cleaning – How to Know When It’s Time to Call a Pro

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When you own a business, whether it’s an office, restaurant, retail outlet, or anything else it’s up to you to keep the place spotless. Any commercial property owner understands how overwhelming this task can be. Luckily, you can call in commercial cleaners to help you with this undertaking. But are there do it yourself tips to use to keep your own property clean with the help of employees? Absolutely. There are a number of ways to keep your property clean by working [...]

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