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Advantages to a Clean Office Carpet!

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  Over time offices will typically get a good amount of foot traffic treading over the carpet and who knows what is on the bottom of those shoes…There is no doubt that those shoes contain things such as mud, dead bugs, bacteria etc. which are all getting transfered on those carpets. While vacuuming may eliminate some of the dirt that lies on top we need to be concerned about what seeps into the threads and thus the reason why it is so [...]

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

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Interworld Cleaning provides commercial carpet cleaning and janitorial services to companies and establishments across the Maryland, Baltimore and Washington DC area. All of our employees work diligently to ensure that high company standards for cleanliness are adhered to at all times, on every job. We have undertaken commercial carpet cleaning tasks in shops, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and many other businesses - leaving every carpet fresh and like new. A sanitized, safe and healthy environment is needed for such commercial establishments; we [...]

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